Confidential Report for MEN ONLY
from the desk of William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

Surging, lustful, powerful pleasure

is mounting a comeback in bedrooms
around the country -- with just a little help...

is yours for the taking!

Dear Ready and Able Friend,

It takes a lot to make this old M.D. blush, but MAN ALIVE, the letters I'm reading about my newest sex-sparking breakthrough have done the trick!

Men are finally waking up...and having sensational "start-the-day" sex.

Or, rolling over after another midnight romp and thinking, I'm not too old for this after all!

That's what I've been saying all along! But I don't have to anymore -- the letters you're going to read prove it...

The best sex of your life can happen RIGHT NOW.
You're about to discover how you can easily
support natural lasting power, on command confidence, and rock-hard results.

SEE HOW this fiery secret thrusts support to five crucial areas...

  • "Rhett Butler" CONFIDENCE to show her you're ready and able to satisfy...
  • SURGING STRENGTH that would make newlyweds jealous...
  • The STAMINA of a BULL so you're ready for round 2, round 3 and more...
  • "Ready when you are" support -- when she gives you that're already half way up the stairs!
  • PASSIONATE LUST to cancel your plans and make it an anything but a quiet night at home.

The results are in and...
"Between the sheets" confidence

"WOW! Works for me every time."
-Jerry U. from Orlando, FL

Now that's what I like to hear.

You see, before you're rolling over in heavy-breathing ecstasy...before you're in the throws of sheet-ripping sex...and even before you get that are you thinking what I'm thinking look from your need CONFIDENCE to pull off the best sex of your life.

How will you ever get there if you're worried about an anatomy letdown? Or if the memories of that night you'd rather forget are still rattling around in your mind?

Plain and simple, you can't.

So with my new breakthrough, I put confidence-boosting results as the top priority. And by God, it looks like it's working...

"I never have to worry about whether or not
my plumbing will 'let me down!'"

-Gene S. from Durham, NC

See? Gene kicked his worry to the curb!

When the fear...the worry...the possibility of humiliation is out of your bedroom -- you can turn your attention to the good stuff!

  • Unforgettable sex she'll still be smiling about the next day...
  • Rip-roaring pleasure that rattles the walls...
  • ...And the energy to do it all over again when you're ready --
    and you're always ready.

So what is this sizzling secret and what makes it so different from anything before it? As Teddy from Washington puts it...

"This is the first product

-Teddy W. from Bainbridge, WA

Introducing, Ultra Turbo -- the secret to all-night confidence.

In a moment, I'm going to show you how this one formula could...

  • Help you stay charged for anytime, anywhere sex...
  • Promote FIRM, rock-hard erections for the ultimate pleasure
  • Provide the confidence you need so you're ready for more, more MORE!

And best yet...all of this power is yours in an all-natural, shockingly affordable formula. (But more on that in a moment...)

So how do you get that sexual confidence?

The first step is to help your body get ready and prepared for unbelievable sex -- and Ultra Turbo is armed with 2 secrets to get you there...

Do you think rock-solid readiness is only for men in their 20s? So did these gentlemen, but suddenly they're cutting to the chase and saying...

"My erections are STRONGER!"
-Lawrence L. from Houston, TX

That's a sure way to boost your bedroom confidence!

Now Lawrence might not pussyfoot around with his satisfaction, but some of the other men I'm hearing from are having a bit more fun relaying their experience...

"With Ultra Turbo, it's like having this reserve of energy on tap that can be called on when you need it. Most of the time it will remain dormant, but you will be surprised when your body calls for it. In the morning when I wake up, it's like a flagpole always ready for a flag ceremony!"

-Timothy A. from Boise, ID

Imagine starting your day with a romp in the long has it been since that's happened?

But with the sensational support you'll be getting from Ultra Turbo -- if you can think it, you can make it happen! can take a tip from Manny and stop thinking so much and just act...

"Before I started Ultra Turbo, my erections were...rather weak. This made me think too much about staying firm. That caused love-making to suffer even more because I wasn't able to dedicate as much time to foreplay as I wanted. But now I can remain firm and erect through all of it. And when I say firm, I mean, my erections are full and robust!

"Ultra Turbo has also seemed to enable me to last much longer, bring my wife so much more pleasure than before. Thank you and don't change a thing!"

-Manny B, from Key West, FL

And I'm glad you brought that up, Manny because that is the second sex-boosting secret behind Ultra Turbo...

Long-lasting support so...

This is the secret that separates Ultra Turbo from all the rest -- its weapon to keep you up for "rock around the clock" sex.

Gents around the country are puffing their chests and standing a little taller because they know they can deliver the goods.

Now, I don't want to bog this down with too much science speak, but there is a way to help ensure you'll never "lose it" right in the middle of the fun. This is a sure-fire way to take your sex life from fast and forgettable to sustained and sensational.

You just need to...

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Turn off the switch that's
pulling the brakes on your sex life

It's all about PDE5, the substance that relaxes your penis when your sexual session is over.

The problem is, for many men, they're just getting started when PDE5 goes to work to call it quits.

That's when the lights go out and disappointment settles in...

But men around the country are discovering a way to help block excess PDE5 -- and that means sheet ripping, headboard-banging sex is right around the corner...

"Ultra Turbo gives me the ability to orgasm anytime
I want -- and I can delay it indefinitely!"

-Will V. from Cottonwood, AZ


Ultra Turbo is strong enough to stand on its own, but...
Add it to your current mix and
watch the sparks fly!

Ultra Turbo is powerful on its own -- especially with its unique secret to helping you last and last. But if you're already taking a sexual supporter, why not add this secret into your sexual "bag of tricks?" Martha from Georgia did it for her husband and she has no regrets...

"My husband and I are in our fifties and always had a great sex life. Sexual health was something that my husband and I had never even thought about. Then, a few months ago, I ordered an L-arginine product and Ultra Turbo. Together they work great! The effects were immediate and we didn't notice a wait period either. Thanks for the great life saver!"

-Martha O. from Peachtree City, GA

Even if you're happy with your current sexual supporter -- you'll be amazed at the BOOST Ultra Turbo can give to your bedroom escapades. Order your supply today!

How does Ultra Turbo block this "quittin' time" substance?

The secret is a little-known plant found in the Asian countryside called, Epimedium grandiflorum. Used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, science is just starting to reveal how this tiny herb can provide such a BIG BANG!

And how does it do that? By naturally blocking excess PDE5!

This fast-track to fantastic sex has only been out there for a little while, but it looks like men are going longer and longer with every go.

"Ultra Turbo did exactly two things:
I became thicker than before and I stayed hard longer -- providing my wife with a much greater orgasm!"

-Eugene F. from Middleton, WI

Try and set aside your personal excitement and think about how this secret could stir up and ignite those old feelings between you and your wife.

In fact, you might want to prepare your wife for your new sexual stamina because one thing I keep hearing is...

"Ultra Turbo works...

-Thomas M. from Phoenix, AZ

When you think back to the best sex of your life -- the kind that leaves you both panting at a loss for words -- both of you are very satisfied.

Ultra Turbo gives you the stamina of a marathon runner.

Don't be surprised
if this sexual supercharger
mysteriously appears in your cabinet.

Why? Because...
Your wife wants you ready to go, too!

You're not the only person in your relationship looking forward to rollicking sex -- I guarantee, she wants it, too.

"I am the wife of the guy using Ultra Turbo -- and I must say, I am personally very satisfied with the product. My husband only thinks he is taking a product helping to protect his prostate! So this is not a double blind study because I am very aware of the "study!"

"I found a big difference (no pun intended) and I will continue to buy it for him -- and me!"

"Thank you SO much!"
-Linda V. from Warren, NJ

With its unique ability to help block the flow of excess PDE5, she'll be amazed and ecstatic at just how long you can go!

This puts the control back in your hands.

In fact, one, long, passionate romp might not be enough...

"I am over 60 and my girl
friends are in their early 40s...
but they are the ones who get tired first!"

-Mark V.

Rock-hard results and encore stamina!? That's right!

With personal accounts as strong as the ones you've just read, I'm sure you have some questions...

Is Ultra Turbo all natural?
100%. Nothing in my formulation is created in a Petri dish or sterilized lab. Every extract and every ingredient is completely natural.

Safe, natural, fast, and overwhelmingly effective...that might lead you to believe one thing...this must be expensive!

But wait for the best news yet...

shouldn't empty your wallet --
and with Ultra Turbo, it won't!

If there's one thing you should know about me it's this...

I work my tail off to bring you the highest quality solutions at the most affordable prices. And, if I do say so myself...Ultra Turbo goes above and beyond my standards!

I'm proud to say you can have Ultra Turbo and all of the nights of wild, toe-curling sex that comes along with it for just $19.95!

Is great sex, night after night, for as long as you want worth the price of two movie tickets?

Is seeing your wife bat her eyes and smile like a schoolgirl worth the price of one steak?

What about knowing you'll be ready for a repeat performance the very same night? Would that be worth the price of a car wash to you?

Because Ultra Turbo is downright more affordable than all of those things!

For just $19.95, you could have the power to...

Keep it up...satisfy your lover...

It almost sounds too easy, right? So far, Ultra Turbo is affordable, lightning fast and, with all of the accounts you've read, you know it works!

But with this sexual sparker, the news just gets better and better...

Some men are finding out that...

You can pop an extra dose an hour before if you want a seriously intense boost.

"Sometimes me and my mate plan a weekend getaway and I always take my Ultra Turbo with me. I'll take a couple mid day and then a couple more hours before our romantic interlude. It gives me a firm erection and longer lasting power, which is not only great for me, but also for my mate!"

-Darren M. from New York, NY can add Ultra Turbo to whatever sexual support regimen you're already using for HUGE RESULTS!

"I took Ultra Turbo along with Dr. Douglass' Ultimate PRO Support and I definitely had lasting power like my wife has never experienced!"

-Joseph J. from Eureka, CA

Now, Ultra Turbo works great if you just take it once a day and by itself...but isn't it nice to know you can kick a hot sex life into overdrive any time you like?

As I mentioned, great sex is all about confidence. Ultra Turbo gives you the power to start building your sexual confidence as soon as you start taking it.

But until your bottle reaches your door, I want you to have the ultimate confidence in your purchase. That's why Ultra Turbo has my...


Every bottle, every dose, every little pill, comes with the best guarantee you'll ever find. That's not an exaggeration! How can you get any better than this?

If at any point -- a week, a month or 5 sex-filled years after you've been taking Ultra Turbo, you decide it's not right for can return it for your full purchase price.

That includes shipping!

See what I mean? You can return your bottle for a full refund, including shipping, no questions asked -- any time.

Why in the world would I put such an astounding guarantee on my formula? Because...

I wouldn't pay for a sex product that
didn't superboost my bedroom abilities --
so I don't expect you to, either!

That's why Ultra Turbo and every other Real Advantage Nutrients supplement is backed with my no-questions-asked, 100% Ultimate Guarantee:

YOU RISK if you're not experiencing great sex, give us a call at any time for a 100% refund of everything you paid for it, including shipping.

YOU'RE ALWAYS COVERED. This guarantee never expires. You can ask for it at any time, even if you're down to the last pill in the bottle.

SO WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK NOW? Go for it! If you want to feel a real difference in your health, go with Real Advantage Nutrients!

Works wonders for you or you don't pay a penny, period.

Ultra Turbo is going to work for you --
I know it, thousands of men know it...
now it's your turn to feel it!

Plus, I'd like to tell you of an even easier way you can keep your bedroom burning -- that is, if you can imagine anything easier than taking just two little pills...

It's called Auto-Delivery Service and it'll automatically be applied to your order today -- absolutely FREE. In fact, if you want to keep your sex life revved up in high gear you'd be crazy to pass this up -- plus you'll save up to $83 a year!

With Auto-Delivery Service, you'll automatically receive your delivery of Ultra Turbo with FREE SHIPPING. You don't have to call and we'll never forget. Before you run out, the credit card you use today is charged and your next bottle conveniently shows up right at your door.

And the shipping is always FREE! That's right, it's worlds easier and you'll save big money. You can cancel anytime you like with just a quick phone call -- with no obligations and no questions asked.

With Auto-Delivery Service, you get...

  • Automatic deliveries so you're never left high and dry without your sexual secret if you forgot to reorder.
  • Easy-to-change scheduling so you can adjust the timing of your deliveries or place a hold on this service anytime you like.
  • A set-in-stone price that's guaranteed to never go up -- so what you pay today is your special price forever.
  • No-risk service so you can call to cancel anytime -- so there's never any risk of being locked in. And...
  • FREE SHIPPING -- saving you over $83 in just one year!

What are you waiting for?
This is your ticket to the...

You've read the accounts for yourself. Men around the country are reclaiming their sexual confidence and showing their wives they've still got it!

Now it's your turn. Are you ready to add this cutting edge formula into your life?

Are you ready to secure a lifetime of hot, passionate action in the bedroom that will leave you both craving for more? And with Ultra Turbo you'll be ready to deliver.

Order your supply of Ultra Turbo now.


To feeling GREAT and staying up LATE,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


P.S. Ultra Turbo gives you the stamina and staying power you need to really "WOW" the little lady, with no disappointments and no letdowns. Don't delay -- according to some of these stories, you could experience a sexual superboost within hours!

P.P.S. With the "Ultimate Guarantee" you have nothing to lose. Plus, if you sign up using the best way to order, Auto-Delivery Service, you'll never pay for shipping again! Order today for rock-solid results, steamy evenings and most importantly, the confidence in knowing when you both want sex -- you'll be up for it. Follow the secure order link below now!

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