Swallow a few spoonfuls of yogurt and poop perfectly?

Give me a break...

Discover the secret to alleviating occasional digestive discomfort like constipation, the wrath of the “miseries”, gas, bloating and indigestion

This could be the surest way to -
...eat like you’ve got a cast iron stomach
...relieve the gas, the bloating and the embarrassment
...and "go" like you’re supposed to

Dear Friend,

If your own gut has convinced you that you just "can’t handle" certain foods anymore—I’m going to show you how to handle them so well you’ll be asking for seconds without a care in the world.

And it doesn’t involve slurping down one of those gritty drink mixes or even gulping spoonfuls of probiotic-laced yogurt. In fact, this is the solution those yogurt peddlers don’t want you to hear about.

And the best part is...

Finally...you don’t have to give up the foods you love

Because avoiding all your favorite foods as if they were poison isn’t a solution—it’s torture! Especially when there’s an easy way to help your digestive system do its job. So you can eat whatever you darn well please (within reason of course) - and without worrying about any of those embarrassing consequences.

Plus the next time you visit the grocery store, you can buzz by the dairy section and the $5-a-shot yogurt and keep your hard-earned money...

Don’t get me wrong. I do like probiotics and I’ve been telling my patients to take probiotics for years. But the simple fact is...

Probiotics alone are
too puny to address it all!

Why? Because, first of all, your digestive system is enormous. If you unwound the whole thing, it would measure an astounding 30 feet in length. And it’s equally complex. Consider what happens after every swallow...

FIRST, your stomach receives your food and mixes it with digestive juices (acids and enzymes) to help break that food down...

SECOND, your small intestine sends in "friendly bacteria" to further digest the food, then absorbs the results and delivers them into your bloodstream...

THIRD, your colon (large intestine) removes water and salts from the food and supplies many more friendly bacteria to break down any undigested materials...

Getting the picture? Smooth digestion depends upon all 3 parts working together in perfect harmony...

But did you know that most probiotics you’ll find won’t even comfort your WHOLE digestive system?

But not for long. I’ve got a breakthrough for you that can take care of your entire digestive tract...in one convenient, gentle, easy to swallow capsule. I call it Ultimate Digestion Support. And this "once a day wonder" is about to become your new best friend.

Let me explain...

with 10 different digestive enzymes...

Our stomachs naturally secrete all kinds of digestive enzymes to break down our food and make it, well, digestible. But as we age, our digestive system starts to slow down—and that’s where indigestion, gas, diarrhea, and constipation all begin.

So Ultimate Digestion Support comes to your gut’s rescue, with not just one but an army of supplementary enzymes. And each plays its own very important role...

So at long last, your poor, overworked stomach can relax, do its thing and deliver properly digested food to the next part of your digestive system, where Ultimate Digestion Support comes to your rescue again...

with 2 different powerful probiotics...

Now, your small intestine is where probiotics really shine. A healthy gut should ideally contain over 3 pounds of friendly bacteria to break down your food into all its essential nutrients.

But as we age, our digestive systems slow. So you’ve got to send in reinforcements and...

I’m convinced you need more!

Acidophilus alone is all you get in many probiotic formulas. It’s a good start, but far from enough! That’s why my Ultimate Digestion Support provides both...

By the way, this duo of probiotic “good guys” can help replenish good bacteria that are killed off by the foods, medications, and natural processes happening in your body.

And finally it’s time to

...Which is where diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and most other digestive complaints reach their painful crescendo. Yet, this is precisely where probiotics alone simply peter out.

You see, probiotics start releasing their payload of "good bacteria" in the previous two-thirds of your digestive train. So not nearly enough of these friendly bacteria make it all the way to the "caboose"—your colon.

And that’s exactly why Ultimate Digestion Support provides...


You might call prebiotics a "welcoming committee" for your friendly bacteria. They feed and nurture the probiotic "good guys" who do survive the long trip to your colon—so they thrive, multiply and turn your turbulent colon into a comfort zone!

Specifically, each capsule of Ultimate Digestion Support contains 3 special kinds of proven prebiotics...

Ultimate Digestion Support
15 TIMES MORE DIGESTIVE RELIEF for all three parts of your system!

10 digestive enzymes to soothe your stomach
2 proven probiotics to calm your intestines
3 powerful prebiotics to comfort your colon

All this for a fraction of what you’d pay
for formulas that don’t take care of your whole digestive tract!

Now you could go out and hunt down all these different enzymes and prebiotics to gulp down with your probiotics. But you’d spend a small fortune. (And besides, it’s so much trouble; you’d probably never do it, would you?)

But now you can get everything your digestive system needs to work better—all 15 fabulous tummy tamers—in one highly affordable, easy-to-take capsule. And because I’ve included no exotic-sounding wanna-be’s to jack up the price, I’m going to guarantee it’s the best deal you’ll ever give your gut. In fact...

Perfect digestion in a week

All I ask is that you give my 15-in-1 formula a mere 7 days to work its way through your system and soothe all your hot spots. Find out how blissful it feels to get through a meal without burning indigestion or running to the bathroom, even if you’re eating rich food.

Discover how wonderfully you can handle formerly "forbidden foods." See for yourself how fast you forget about gas and constipation for good.

If you’re not delighted in just 7 days, simply return the unused portion and we’ll cheerfully refund your money—in full—no questions asked, no strings attached.

And I also promise that week after week, you’ll feel even better, stronger, more energized. If not, same deal. All of your money back, even if you’re on the last day of a 3-month supply!

It’s called my Ultimate Guarantee, and it means you can return Ultimate Digestion Support anytime for a full refund, including today’s shipping.

So why not try Ultimate Digestion Support right now—Completely RISK-FREE

You don’t have to sit there and wonder if these results are for real. You can feel this comfort and ease now—at no risk whatsoever. Just click the button below and you’re on your way.

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What have you got to lose? Nothing but a lot of discomfort. And think of how much better you could feel after every meal. Don’t wait for your next bellyache or bowel attack. Give your gut the ultimate support it deserves—and start looking forward to all of your meals!


William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

P.S. Remember, there’s absolutely no risk in trying Ultimate Digestion Support’s amazing comfort and relief. You have my 100% Ultimate Guarantee. Because if you’re not happy, neither am I. So let me know how you like Ultimate Digestion Support and how you’re feeling. And if this formula doesn’t do all I promised, don’t hesitate to ask for all of your money back—even shipping—pronto.

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