A BEHEMOTH breakthrough has burst onto the scene seemingly overnight and shown that—
ANTI-AGING science could change forever.

Find out why some experts think it could be a...

Key to staying...
for all of your days!

A low rumble has been building in the medical world.

A BEHEMOTH BREAKTHROUGH has burst on to the scene and shown—seemingly overnight—that...


It’s not a secret—astaxanthin is the boldest antioxidant ever discovered. PERIOD.

Its ability to support so many aspects of your youth—from your heart to your brain—is downright unheard of. That’s why I’m hailing it as...


But before you hop in with the masses to raid the nearest vitamin store...

This “new kid on the block” comes with an urgent warning you must hear first.

I’m Dr. William Campbell Douglass, II for Real Advantage Nutrients. Now, I hate to be the one to break up a party...but it’s kind of what I do...

You see—In my opinion...

There’s only one form of astaxanthin out there
that’s worth your time.

You do want the good stuff, right? The antioxidant that’s sparking NEW HOPE for millions of people battling age...

The discovery that is filling research journals...with eye-opening studies.

The bold breakthrough that made even me a believer...

Well let me show you a signature solution that brings you this newfound powerhouse like never before. It gives you THE BEST OF THE BEST—and even better...you won’t have to spend like a Rockefeller to get it.

So before you hand over your hard-earned money on the “NEW ANTI-AGING MIRACLE...” please hear me out, because I’m about to show you how you can get one of the richest forms of this game-changer that’ll have you...

Living life without a care in the world

See, you should ABSOLUTELY incorporate astaxanthin into your day. When you do—you’re going to be bowled over by how great you feel and how confident you are against aging’s most notorious attacks.

But I want to show you why you must get the GOOD stuff!

Call me crazy—but I expect the best. And I don’t want to pay a whole lot to get it.

Here’s the thing...

I’ll tell you about the complete study results in a minute. But astaxanthin could be the secret to keeping...

Your memory as fast and reliable as an “out of the box” calculator...

Your vision bright, colorful and sharp...

And your heart pumping stronger than a Ford F-150...

But, it can be HARD to extract.

Astaxanthin is naturally found in tiny microalgae in the ocean and fresh water sources. The problem is cracking through the microalgae and pulling out the downright miraculous astaxanthin inside.

One option is to use solvents and chemicals to break down the microalgae barriers and pull it out. But do you really want chemicals and solvents mixed with your astaxanthin?

That’s not good enough me—and it’s not good enough for you! I wanted a better option—and I found it.

I’ve secured a quality source that meets ALL of my very high standards...And as you’ll see—even goes above and beyond. These sources won’t use chemicals or solvents to extract the good stuff. In fact, the source uses a clever technique that utilizes CO2.

Now you might think, “CO2, you can’t even breathe that, so how could it be good?”

That, my friend, is exactly the point.

When you take oxygen out of the equation—you naturally reduce oxidation, the process that eats away and deteriorates the very substance you want. It’s called Super Critical CO2 Extraction and, holy cow, they aren’t kidding.

Imagine you want to crack into a thick, titanium safe to get at the riches inside. You could cover the safe with acid and wait for it to erode the titanium barrier...But who knows what it will do to the riches inside.

The Super Critical CO2 Extraction process, on the other hand, is like drilling two holes in that safe, pumping water in one hole...and watching unharmed rich flow out the other.

You see, by using only CO2 to isolate your astaxanthin—you get the good stuff. Oh yeah, I’m talking about THE GOOD stuff.

Sounds advanced, right? Sounds like a top-notch, grade A, premium form of astaxanthin, right?

You couldn’t be more right.

And as you’ll see—this good-as-it-gets form won’t cost you any more in the pocket. I’ve guaranteed that.

So why would you settle for anything less when...

The hallelujah answer has been found!

Is it 100% natural?

You bet!

Is it the potent form that is working doctors, scientists and researchers into an anti-aging frenzy?

It sure is!

And most importantly, it could change the way you feel and the way you live your life.

I have secured my own private stash of the 100% REAL DEAL good stuff!

I’ve been following astaxanthin’s story since Day One and that’s why when I saw the chance to secure an elite source of this marvel ingredient, I jumped on it!

Like you, I only want the best.

But let me back up for one hot minute...What makes astaxanthin so darned special in the first place? Why have dozens of studies been dedicated to discovering its power?? Why is the name popping up in nearly every media outlet from an afternoon talk show to respected medical journals?

It’s because astaxanthin has a signature secret. A secret that allows it to take its powerful anti-aging abilities to new places throughout your body.

Now maybe you’re thinking... “Umm...Doc...once you digest any nutrient it already goes everywhere in your body.”

Sorry, my friend. That’s not how it works...

Most antioxidants are either fat-soluble or water-soluble and the difference determines where that antioxidant is able to travel in your body.

That’s why some antioxidants are better for your eyes...others are better for your heart...some are able to travel right into your cells to help support your immune system.

You get the idea.

But get this...

Astaxanthin has ONE HECK OF A SECRET that sets it apart from the rest. Put this anti-aging miracle under a microscope and any scientist can see...it’s made up of fat-soluble and water-soluble properties. That means...

Astaxanthin holds the MASTER KEY
to go almost
anywhere in your body!

Not only that...but this revolutionary ability allows it travel to areas of the body that many other antioxidants simply can’t reach at all!

Imagine that...

An antioxidant that can fight aging on new frontiers in your body!

And as I’ll show you in a moment, this “all-access pass” could change how you feel—every single day.

It’s already been shown to fight many of aging’s dirtiest tricks.

I should say “and counting” because the research is still coming in fast.

The possibilities are endless.

And just what kind of power is astaxanthin delivering to your body? It’s already been shown to pack more of an antioxidant punch than...vitamin E, zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene...that’s right—better than beta-carotene and lutein! And up until now—those were considered to be the BIG BOYS in anti-aging...

And astaxanthin is beating them on many levels!

In fact, I’ve come to call astaxanthin...


Four medical miracles...
I've never seen 4 ingredients work so hard to help support and keep the body healthy—talk about pulling in overtime...

Heart protection...
Athletic performance...
Blood sugar support...
Immune health...
Brain health
Blood pressure...
Joint concerns...
Skin health...
Muscle strength...
Oxidative stress...
Weight Control...
Liver protection...

And more!

If anything on this list is a concern for you... You must read on to see how the "Power 4" can give you the ultimate support and help kick your worries and fears out of your life.

Now I think that’s the perfect name because really, what else can you call it? It seems to be the “end all, be all” of antioxidants! It’s the secret that could have you living a life FREE OF FEAR with the ultimate supporting power.

You can keep feeling your best—with fresh skin and crystal clear eyes that will keep you glowing with confidence!

You can support your brain, heart and eyes to keep them strong and youthful with a revolutionary scientific breakthrough.

You can experience a boost of youthful energy and confidence that you will feel in every hour of your day.

Sounds pretty good, right? And that’s only the beginning.

In just another minute, I’m going to reveal specific studies that could revolutionize the way doctors view natural anti-aging. And the results will have you feeling more youthful than ever.

Because until recently—I was still searching for a form of astaxanthin that I believe is worth your time...

I hate to rain on the Alpha Antioxidant’s ticker tape parade...but it’s kind of what I do...

But I’m not done yet. Not by a long shot.

Today, I want to introduce you to what I consider to be the key to staying young, fiery, and full of zip.

With the Alpha Antioxidant, astaxanthin, (in its glorious, 100% natural form) leading the charge, I’ve partnered it with the only 3 other anti-aging miracles I think you will ever need to create my anti-aging masterpiece...Ultra Vital Gold.

This breakthrough "meeting of the miracles" means you have the power to battle the most ruthless tricks aging can throw at you.

The first step is to easily...

Keep your ticker a HEART OF STEEL

Help keep your heart ticking,
beating, thumping and pumping with...

Meet the pioneer of...
"Everything you need...

I come from a long line of doctors who take pride in bucking the system...dodging politics and exposing the never-ending greed of misled doctors and drug companies.

So when I began creating my own formulations—I knew I wanted to keep the intentions, ingredients and results as pure as possible. That's why with me, if you don't absolutely, 100% need it—you're not going to get it.

Unfortunately, no category is in need of a good old-fashioned rug shaking more than anti-aging. But when I dug into the research, even I was surprised to find...all 4 of these miracle wonders meet my tough standards.

With my anti-aging formula I've outdone myself. With Ultra Vital Gold you're getting EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED—and nothing you don't.

Experience the youthful difference with Ultra Vital Gold's
Power 4
anti-aging team!
RSVP today to get your exclusive
RISK-FREE supply!

When did you start giving a hoot how much cholesterol was in your steak and eggs?

When was the first time you looked at a heavy box and thought maybe someone else should lift this...

It makes sense—the older you get, the more you worry about keeping your heart healthy. So give your heart the support it needs with...

TWO HEART HEROES for ironclad confidence

Your heart was built to last—but just like that truck you've had for decades—it can benefit from some up-keep.

Luckily, the MIGHTY maintenance I want to show you doesn't involve a "heave and ho" gym routine. You don't even need to eat a bowl of "shredded cardboard" every morning.

No, to get the kind of protection that has been shown in preliminary animal studies to ...

  • Send nutrient-rich blood RUSHING through their bodies...
  • Protect against wear and tear caused by exercise ...
  • And keep blood pressure healthy...

...You need UNRIVALED POWER that won't bankrupt your piggy bank! How is that possible?

It all starts by...

Following the lobster's lead...

It turns out lobsters have been eating the GREATEST HEART HERO for millions of years.

The first of the "Power 4" is hiding along the ocean floor in tiny micro algae that lobsters love to munch on.

But this is MUCH more than ordinary lobster chow. Its benefits for your heart health (and, as you'll see, entire body) are MASSIVE. Like I said, it's so powerful I call it...


It has up to 500 TIMES the antioxidant power of vitamin E!
It could even pack punishing protection against your body’s #1 enemy—inflammation.
And lobsters have been chomping up this heart hero for thousands of years?

The proof is in every lobster that's ever graced your dinner plate. Like me, you might have assumed that lobsters turn red in the pot just because of the heat.

It turns out it's not just the heat. All their lives, lobsters chow down on the greatest antioxidant God ever created, the deep red Alpha Antioxidant. Lobsters in the wild have a greenish-brown color. But all of their lives they chow down on the Alpha Antioxidant—dying a slight reddish tinge into their shells. So when faced with the 212 degree heat of the boiling water, proteins in the lobster's shell break down—and the remaining Alpha Antioxidant red bursts out. If it's powerful enough to stand up to the extreme heat, just imagine what it can do for your heart.

The same thing goes for crabs, salmon and shrimp—they're in on the secret too. So what's so special about it? It makes it so you could...

Enjoy life, knowing your heart has breakthrough support!

The Alpha Antioxidant is "HOT OFF THE PRESSES" NEW—so most of the research comes from animal studies...but these results are TOO REMARKABLE for you to have to wait any longer.

But with just a few years in the research labs, this heart hero has shown incredible potential and there’s no telling what it could do for you...

A 2003 study in mice showed it protected against wear and tear caused by exercise.

In a 2006 animal study, it helped maintain healthy blood pressure levels!

And imagine this—in a 2008 study the Alpha Antioxidant helped keep blood flowing freely in dogs.

Remember, this is Mother Nature at her most miraculous—so you get PREMIUM HEART POWER, without taking a second mortgage on your house. Plus, it's working to keep you healthy.

Every member of the "Power 4" helps to keep your ticker a heart of steel, but I want to show you how one in particular shines through as a personal hero of mine...

The UNBELIEVABLE link between
curry and cholesterol

Honestly, I would never subject anyone to curry...I'm more of a steak and eggs man myself...but one ingredient found in the fragrant dish performs a feat I've never seen before...

It knows exactly what to do with your body's cholesterol.

Cholesterol can be complicated—
but not for this HEART SUPPORTING HERO!

Cholesterol is not as black and white as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

There's good cholesterol, HDL, which sweeps the blood of excess fat...and then there's the bad, LDL, which does nothing more than plug up your arteries with plaque.

India's been sprinkling, dashing and dousing their food
with an anti-aging miracle
for centuries!

It adds fragrance, flavor and coloring to nearly every dish on an Indian menu. But could the spice turmeric be the reason Indian women hold on to their beautiful skin till so late in life?

The Power 4 anti-aging hero, curcumin is a hidden age-defying secret in every dash of the yellow spice, turmeric. Its natural ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response make it perfect for skin health and as such, turmeric paste is often used by Indian women as a cosmetic.

Now personally, I'm concerned about supporting my heart, brain and eyes more than my skin. However, and I hope the ladies of India don't mind me saying so, I'll be damned if Indian women don't age well...

Protect your eyes, heart, mind and skin with the breakthrough "Power 4"
in every dose of Ultra Vital Gold.
Order your supply today!

Even though your total cholesterol count is healthy—what you really need are more scrubbing HDL's in your blood to keep your LDL cholesterol in check!

But there is a substance found the in the Indian spice, tumeric, that...

Promotes the GOOD and

It's called curcumin and talk about SMART—this one substance knows more about cholesterol than most doctors I've run into.

While the research is preliminary, it appears that curcumin single-handedly promotes your good cholesterol and helps to keep your LDL levels healthy. Take a look...

  • In one study, 10 volunteers took the same dosage found in Ultra Vital Gold and were able to raise HDL (good) and support total levels in the healthy range! THE EXACT RESULTS YOU WANT!
  • It's been shown to increase the activity of an enzyme that breaks down cholesterol.
  • It has even been shown to help support the heart in mice.

You see, in my opinion, these two secrets provide MORE HEART SUPPORT than the dozens and dozens of "cardiovascular miracles" that have been touted over the years. So while the studies are preliminary and mostly in animals—you should not have to wait to have these heart heroes working over time for you.

Inflammation...blood pressure...cholesterol...

These two secrets help push heart concerns OUT OF YOUR MIND

Individually, they pack enough heart health support to keep you FEELING STRONG and confident in your ticker...but I'm bringing them both together for the greatest heart health I've ever seen.

And speaking of...aside from you heart—nothing puts the "Father Time" fear in people more than losing your smarts.

But when it comes to CUTTING-EDGE brain support—Ultra Vital Gold is years ahead of the competition.

How so? The answer is downright insulting...

Many memory protectors...


REVEALED: The reason some brain boosters never even get in the door—and the INCREDIBLE difference you'll feel when they do...

As if charging too much for bloated, puffed up formulas wasn't bad enough...there are some "premium ingredients" that are just plain super duds.

I'll show you how the "Ultra Vital Gold difference" has your brain on track to keeping...

  • Your memory popping, snapping and recalling with precision...
  • Rock solid short-term memory—forget having to search for your keys, glasses and checkbook...and
  • Cutting-edge protection that can have you feeling confident you’re doing all you can to keep your brain firing on all cylinders ...

The first step—and surprisingly, the step most other protectors fail to meet, is to...

Get the goods right to where your brain will use them!

Your brain is your most important organ and as such—it's on more lock down than Fort Knox and the Oval Office combined.

It's called the blood-brain barrier and it's a very tight weave of microscopic cells around the capillaries leading into your brain. Essentially, it's a concrete wall sandwiched between two steel doors designed to help keep the bad guys out.

But this can be a problem for natural brain supporters because they can't make it through to begin with. Let me rephrase that...some natural brain supporters can't...

Break through to the other side...
and give your brain the ULTIMATE protection

What's the secret code to get past the blood-brain barrier? It's tricky, but a select few can get through to provide the remarkable support to your brain power—and Ultra Vital Gold has the best.

The Alpha Antioxidant is a very unique antioxidant (I told you the "Power 4" were multi-talented).

You see, antioxidants are either water-soluble or fat-soluble with each one able to travel to different areas of the body to hunt down free radicals.

But, yet another "WOW" FACTOR with the Alpha Antioxidant is that it's both water-soluble and fat-soluble. That means it can pretty much go wherever it pleases—including past the blood brain barrier!

And once inside—the support it can deliver to
your brain is HUGE

Once it's past the blood-brain barrier, it makes quick work of free radicals it comes across.

In one animal study—it lowered oxidative stress markers. And in yet another animal study where mice were given doses of astaxanthin equal to 10mg for humans, it even supported memory health.

But, the fact that this is one of the few substances that can cross the "Red Alert" security system of your brain means it has INCREDIBLE potential in the research of memory support and cognitive health. Scientists are currently chomping at the bit to show the world its true potential. That’s what convinced me we needed 4mg of astaxanthin in each serving of Ultra Vital Gold!

You can start pumping the ultimate brain protection deep into your brain right now (while the other researchers of the world are just getting started) with my breakthrough formula.

And there's even MORE brain boosting in every capsule of Ultra Vital Gold. In fact, this next one was tailor made for...

Mega Mind Maintenance—
with the original brain-booster

Why do I say the original? Because this next mind miracle plays a crucial role in the development of your brain.

DHA and EPA fatty acids are not only crucial in building your brain—but also keeping it strong, healthy and firing on all cylinders for your entire life.

Just take a look at these facts...

  • DHA is a crucial element of the most abundant fatty acid in the human brain which makes up 50-60% of the brain's weight
  • Breast-fed infants have been shown to have higher cognitive development—and what does mother's milk have a high concentration of? DHA.
  • EPA AND DHA are able to lower triglycerides, which not only help support the heart, but are also associated with better cognitive health

Sorry, but it's a NO BRAINER to have DHA and EPA in any formula claiming to have benefits for your brain power.

And these fatty acids are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if you want to do all you can to support your brain from the inside-out...

It's a bold statement and more research is needed, but the proof just keeps piling up...

An observational study of 350 subjects showed that the ratio of DHA to an omega-6 fatty acid in the brain was associated with healthy cognitive function later in life.

All of this ANTI-AGING POWER at such a low price—
Am I missing something?

That's the best part...not only are you getting the 4 MOST POWERFUL AGE FIGHTERS on the planet—you're getting them with the most premium quality available...

MY Alpha Antioxidant is 100% natural without any synthetic properties—guaranteed.

MY vitamin D uses a powerful form of vitamin D3 which was shown to be more potent than vitamin D2. I'm not skimping on a single superhero so I demanded the form used in miracle research.

MY DHA and EPA meets our most stringent standards. Each softgel goes through our strict purification and concentration procedures.

MY curcumin uses only pure extracts with no additives.

In fact, the ingredients found in Ultra Vital Gold are so pure and potent—that I must insist you do not take more than the recommended dosage each day. Now how's that for MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK?

A study in France with over 1,400 people showed that the consumption of fish at least once a week (filled to the brim with DHA and EPA) helped maintain healthy brainpower.

While we don't have all the answers as to why or how EPA and DHA work, the science suggests one thing—the more EPA and DHA you get, the healthier you can keep your brain. So why not do everything you can to keep your brain firing on all cylinders?

But be careful, when it comes to DHA and EPA—there is some shameful price-gouging taking place...

All the brain lovin' fatty acids
you need—
Nothing more and nothing less

Tons of formulas out there will try and package omega 9 in with your DHA and EPA. In my years of experience, I’ve found it to be useless and frankly, it only serves to jack up the price...

Ultra Vital Gold gives you the perfect amount of DHA and EPA—with no added fillers to create a heftier price tag.

But that doesn't mean you're getting mediocre omegas...

You see, when you cut out all of the fluff and stick to the Power 4, you can get THE REALLY GOOD STUFF.

The DHA and EPA used in Ultra Vital Gold meets my highest standards. Every softgel goes through my stringent purification and concentration procedures.

Remember, this is ANTI-AGING POWER for less than 10 bucks a week! ...But Ultra Vital Gold is far from done yet.

With the Power 4 keeping your heart and brain support in check—they're moving on to help make sure your eyes stay crystal clear for years to come.

You're going to look and feel fantastic...but what's the point if you can't see it in the mirror? Help make sure your eyes remain
crystal clear for years to come...

BIONIC VISION through your golden years and beyond

Zoom in and zoom out ...in high definition!

When it comes to your vision—in my opinion, your most vital sense—there's a HUGE misconception about how to keep it strong. You may never need coke bottle glasses...and you might not spend so much time at the eye doc that you two become best friends.

Discover the 3 KEYS to lifelong PERFECT VISION

I'm going to jump right into it because Ultra Vital Gold has a lot of YOUTH POWER to offer your eyes.

Just like your brain and heart, the Power 4 found in Ultra Vital Gold rockets PREMIUM SUPPORT right to where your eyes need it most. Now, the research has been performed in animal studies, but so far the results have shown this marvel ingredient’s amazing potential...it has ...

  • SUPPORTED vision health!
  • PROTECTED the vital flow of blood to the eyes
  • CONQUERED oxidative stress to help keep bionic vision

These three keys are the kind of protection that could equal HEALTHY, STRONG, VIBRANT vision support for as long as you can imagine. It all starts with the final member of the Power 4 you have yet to meet, but I'm sure you've heard of...

The "Comeback Kid" of vitamins
rushes life to your eyes

Vitamin D has come a long way.

When I was growing up and would ask my mother why she made me drink so much milk, she would instantly reply, "the vitamin D builds strong bones."

That was more or less all science knew about it. But now...

What can't this vitamin powerhouse do?

Heart health...your immune system ...blood pressure...

This vitamin seems to touch on just about every facet of your body’s health—which makes it a PERFECT member of the Power 4. But when it comes to crystal clear vision, vitamin D kicks into high gear to...

Keep vision sharp

Plain and simple—your eyes need the perfect amount of blood to operate like a new "out of the box" digital camera...not too much and not too little.

Nothing keeps your blood rushing through your body at proper levels like vitamin D.

We’ve always known that vitamin D is crucial to keeping healthy skin, bones, blood sugar, and more...but scientists wanted to see if they could take vitamin D’s powers to the next level. In one study 7,752 people were monitored to find out if and how vitamin D affected eye health...and they were not disappointed with the results. The study subjects with the highest levels of vitamin D (according to blood tests) maintained better eye health. The researchers think this might have something to do with vitamin D’s ability to promote healthy inflammatory levels within the eyes.

Every member of the POWER 4 is tagging in to
keep your vision clear as crystal!

What you don't know about America's new love affair...

The good news: America's finally catching up to vitamin D's miraculous anti-aging power. I've been touting its heroics for years...

The bad news: Not all vitamin D is created equal and you don't want to be duped into using the wrong kind!

That's right, there are two forms of vitamin D—D2 and D3. It's important that your anti-aging formula uses D3 because that is the form making HUGE waves in medical research by maintaining proper blood pressure, skin health, immune systems and even more. And one study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism deemed the other form to be less effective.

Every capsule of Ultra Vital Gold uses only the best form of vitamin D at the perfect dose.

Remember, these aren't ordinary nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants we're talking about here. The Power 4 was specifically chosen because these are multi-talented MEGA STARS. And each one has something to say about your vision...

The Alpha Antioxidant shoots straight to your retina to help fight against oxidative stress...It's been shown in vitro to promote optimum health deep within the eye...

It also appears to play an important role in helping maintain central retinal function.

On top of heart health and brain boosting, the Alpha Antioxidant pulls overtime by zipping deep within your eyes for LONG LASTING vision support.

India's Age Buster, curcumin is a vision vigilante when it comes to protecting your eyes from inflammation. In fact, when it comes to dry eyes, this ageless wonder has shown promising success in an in vitro study in reducing inflammation by busting up the very molecules that can cause discomfort.

DHA and EPA act as if they were built for the human eye. DHA is a major structural component of the human retina. DHA can support one of the eye's most important tools—the retina. Even DHA supplementation in infants is associated with better, sharper vision. And both are being used in a major eye study centering around DHA and EPA. But DHA doesn’t stop with the eyes. Heck, even the American Heart Association has admitted that DHA and EPA are good heart health supporters so it makes sense that it has benefits for other parts of your body.

With Ultra Vital Gold's...

ALL-STAR ROSTER of precision vision defenders—
Your most valuable sense is supported for life

Do you see how these four MEDICAL WONDERS are ripping apart aging's attacks?

Your vision...your heart...your brain...the key battlegrounds in your fight against aging can be supported by your PERSONAL ANTI-AGING ARMY.

And I'm not even finished yet...

Cut the junk out of your anti-aging regimen and...

Live into your hundreds—

healthier, happier, and with more money!

Bloated, and expensive, downright useless solutions are mugging innocent Americans EVERY SECOND.

Well I'm not going to just sit around and watch it happen.

That's why I've assembled the...


Okay, so modesty isn't my strong suit. But take a look...

The Alpha Antioxidant...

The greatest vitamin in history...


India's well-kept SECRET TO LONGEVITY

Each one has its own private arsenal to battle aging.

Your heart, your brain, your eyes, and MORE—
ALL PROTECTED by Ultra Vital Gold's Power 4

Every second of every day these four MEDICAL MARVELS are diligently keeping watch over your body...

MUCH MORE than just an eye guardian—Vitamin D already has amazing research results when it comes to...thyroid... skin... muscle strength... bone health... blood sugar support ... even mood. And more studies are currently in the works with BIG RESULTS expected on the horizon.

MUCH MORE than just a heart hero—The Alpha Antioxidant has been put on the fast track in many research facilities because in just a short amount of time, it is creating waves in so many aspects of aging research. The preliminary animal and in vitro evidence shows the Alpha Antioxidant may help fight oxidative stress......inflammation...and help keep immune system health... skin health... liver support and even athletic performance. The new research is flying in fast, but why wait? You can experience the youth power of the Alpha Antioxidant today!

MUCH MORE than a brain booster—So now you know your brain and eyes heavily rely on DHA and EPA to stay packed with youth power, but that's just the start. Joint health... weight control... healthy blood pressure... and endurance could all be supported with a healthy dose of DHA and EPA.

EVEN MORE than a heart helper —Having just picked up steam here the in the States, the Indian secret to longevity is fresh on the minds of America's greatest scientists. Joint concerns... cholesterol... inflammation... detoxification... and a healthy immune system are all in this Indian sensation's sights! You can let it go to work for you today!

By my count...that's over 17 health concerns
And the Power 4 in Ultra Vital Gold takes them all to task!

I know it can be hard to believe that just four ingredients could do SO much to support your health, but now you've seen the evidence for yourself.

If you want to feel confident you will keep...

  • Living life on your feet, out and about, and ON THE GO—instead of feeling like the sofa is your best friend
  • Spending your days LAUGHING, loving and listing off your favorite memories—instead of struggling to recall minute details and facts...
  • Making the MOST of your 70's, 80's, 90's and more with hobbies, trips and the activities you love—instead of wishing you had the energy to get up and go...


It's about time!
The REAL age buster that
won't bust your bank account

Ultra Vital Gold is GUARANTEED to make you
feel the difference for less than 10 bucks a week...

Imagine going to bed, waking up in the morning and living your active day knowing that you have the world's FOUR GREATEST AGE BUSTERS working for your body around the clock.

This is the kind of peace-of-mind most people pay through the nose for...

But that's not Ultra Vital Gold's mission.

Let me be frank for a moment, this exclusive meeting of miracles is specifically designed to...

Beat the pants off of every other anti-aging formula—
and still cost you less money.

That was my agenda all along and you know what? IT'S A SUCCESS.

Ultra Vital Gold gives you more protection, MORE ENERGY, more YOUTH POWER and more money in your pocket.

Now you can have all the peace of mind, all the gumption to get up and out—and you're able to make the most of it.

Because let's be honest...even if you're feeling a few results with those other outrageously priced formulas—you can't enjoy it! THEY'RE CHARGING UPWARDS OF $300 per bottle! But the ALL-YOU-NEED YOUTH POWER in every bottle of Ultra Vital Gold is just a fraction of that cost!

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